Big Blog Stats – 1


Everyone loves obsessing over their own Stats, don’t they? How many views, how many new followers, which posts people are reading? But what about the Stats on OTHER BLOGS? Do you ever wonder about them? We never get to know what’s happening elsewhere until someone hits a new milestone and posts about it.

Do you want to have a regular look at the Stats for THIS blog, no matter how good or bad they are? Of course you do. I know I’m running the blog but I made it for us ALL, so it’s only fair you get to see what’s happening too, especially those of you who are participating in the promotion of it by putting the button on your blog or the other stuff you’ve been doing (THANK YOU!). The more new people we get coming here, the more likely we are to get new readers for our own blogs – and that IS the whole point of blogging, isn’t it, to have people read what you write?



Okay, so it’s 11.25am on Monday and the blog has been up since Friday night and these are the Stats as they stand at the moment. If I’ve missed anything out that you’d like to know, tell me.


Followers – 64

Total Views – 1,391

Views on Best Day – 502

Blog link with the most clicks – pouringmyartout (find the blog in Humour/Satire & I can’t remember where else he put it)

Top Posts & Pages (I’ve copied and pasted this so you can see how popular the categories are).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * More stats 461
British More stats 105
Humour / Satire More stats 104
About More stats 78
Mental Health More stats 75
Art / Photography More stats 62
Fiction / Poetry More stats 52
Writing More stats 49
What Is Dotty’s Choice? More stats 45
Suggestions More stats 38
General More stats 37
Journal / Diary More stats 34
Home page / Archives More stats 34
Thoughts / Reflections More stats 27
Spirituality More stats 26
Family More stats 25
Topical / Political More stats 23
Travel More stats 22
Beauty / Fashion More stats 22
Cookery / Recipes More stats 18
Film / TV / Music More stats 17
Physical Health / Illness More stats 17
Memoirs More stats 10
Hobbies More stats 5
Philosophy More stats 4
button More stats 2
Hello world! More stats 1





About Dotty Headbanger

I'm British. I love you. I'm nice like that.

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  1. You’re good people, Dotty.

    • Dear Mme Weebles,

      I’m appealing to the nosiness in us all – I’d love to be able to see everyone’s stats page. 😉

      I’m loving it – some new blogs have been listed that I’ve never seen. 🙂

      Love Dotty xxx

  2. Dear Dotty,
    of course we want to know….nosy lot of us….now if my blog was only about a funny mental British woman named Dotty I’d have it made instead of a boring mental American woman named Dotty, Dot, Dorothy…lol…love this….You’re the best dear!
    Love Dorothy

  3. This is fun! Now I can watch your stats obsessively, as well as my own! Yaaaaaaaay!

  4. This is like you are letting us look at your internal organs, your soul, all your private diaries and photo albums, your bank statements, and then letting us peek up your skirt just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

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