I want The Big Blog Collection to be reader friendly so if you have any suggestions for new blog categories or for anything else you think of that might make the blog better, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you.

Love Dotty xxx



  1. I think you should write one of your big funny blog posts about my blog & why you think its wonderful

    It’s only a suggestion & a shamelessly self advertising one at that, but I did my first award from your other blog. I speak of the Sneaky Fucker which still resides pride of place on my front page 🙂

  2. One category Online journal which is basically a catchall for those who blog about several different subject.

  3. Dotty,I don’t see a category my blogs. (Maybe because I haven’t categorized them myself.) Do we need a new category? What would you call “Crystal Delusions.” (Be nice!)

  4. How about “Memoir” and “Small Town Life”?

  5. Boy, you’re gonna be sorry you put in THIS category! ALL writers have suggestions, opinions, ideas…

  6. kzackuslheureux

    Dear Dotty,
    Umm, I don’t know if I should say anything, but I didn’t happen to see a category for “Llama Lovers” Did I miss this, or was it just overlooked?
    Love Alphabet

    • Dear Alphabet,

      Oh good, you’re here. Have a look at the comment I just wrote in reply to Dion and see if the new category suits.

      ANIMALS! Should I do an Animals category, or will everyone just think it’s my office?

      Love Dotty xxx

      P.S. I couldn’t NOT have a llama – if you look in Art / Photography there’s a picture of one – I coloured it in. 🙂

  7. Dear Dotty — How cool is this! I love that you forged right ahead and did it, too.

    May I suggest that you consider adding either an “other” category, or one for philosophy. The “other” probably makes more sense,

    I love your new blog —


    Judith 😎

  8. The button below doesn’t work either. It just goes back to your home page. I need to be able to see it in your files so as to copy it onto my computer so as to post it on my blog. No, forget about it. That sounds like too much work.

  9. How about a blog about dance?

  10. Hi… nope… not really… It is for a professional dancers… about dance and performances… same like people like to read about music… some might like to read about dance… well maybe… Anyway.. if you don’t have dance category… or performance… or theatre… I will just squeeze into something else… will think about it. thanks anyway.

  11. I’d love to be listed here. I blog about Empowering Young Entrepreneurs and I don’t see a category where folks can find this topic. How about a topic about Youth and/or Entrepreneurship? Thank you.

  12. What about a crafting or pinterest blogs category???
    I’m a sassy pants blogging about all things I found delightful and interesting on the interwebs! A lot of pinterest projects!!

  13. Hello Dotty, Is there a category for business/work life? I must be overlooking it.

  14. Hmmm… What about a category for Education?

  15. How about adding the following blog categories:

    Thanks. I’m new to this blog, and just starting to explore it.

  16. Parenting is a topic/subject that needs it’s own space here!

  17. So I’m not sure how to add your button to my site… any quick tips or instruction for a image-challenged blogger?

  18. Although my blog could fit into the Hobbies category (I collect ephemera), most of my posts offer historical information. Could there be room for a History category?

  19. As a technological retard I’m still trying to work out how to take a button?!

  20. My life catergory will allow people to post link’s to do with blogs that talk about there life and going through there life i guess its like a journal but without the mushy ‘dear diary’ thing

  21. How about a category for books?
    authors, book bloggers, book reviewers and so on

  22. Is there a pets or animal category? Our blog is about the human animal connection and therapy dogs. Also some mischief!
    Great idea
    Jill and Junior

  23. I was wondering about animal sites too.

  24. I believe I added my blogs already, but wanted to send along this link for you so it is easier for those who want to include your button on their site.
    All you have to do is include the name of your blog, The URL and the URL of the image to use and it generate the code for you. You can see a sample on my Craft blog here

    Grab my button code generator

  25. A category for book reviews/books please. I write reviews for kids and YA books.

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