How To Put A Picture/Button On Your Blog (How To Use The Image Widget)


A few people have asked how to put The Big Blog Collection button on the side bar of their blog so here’s how –


1) First, right click on the picture/button and save it to your computer.

2) On your Dashboard, click Media – Add New, then upload the picture from your computer to your Media Library. When it has uploaded, click Edit then go to File URL and highlight the address, right click and copy it.

3) Next, go to Appearance – Widgets. Under ‘Available Widgets’, scroll down until you see one entitled ‘Image’. Left click on it, keep the left click held down and drag it across to the primary widget area on the right.

4) In the Image widget box, click on the text bar for Image URL then right click and paste the link you copied from your Media Library.

5) At the bottom of the Image widget box, where it says ‘Link URL (when the image is clicked)’, add the address of the blog you wish to link to so if you’re doing the Big Blog button you’d link it back to here, if you’re doing a picture for your own blog you might want to link it to one of your pages.

6) If you don’t want any text with the picture click Save.

7) If you do want text give the widget a title, put a caption if you want one, then click Save.

8) Have a look at it by clicking on your Homepage.

9) If the picture/button isn’t the right size for your blog, go back to the Image widget and adjust the numbers in the Width and Height boxes – increase or decrease them gradually to get it to look the way you want it to.

10) If you want to move the picture/button up or down on your blog, go back to Widgets, pick it up and move it up or down inside the primary widget area box.


Some blog themes have extra areas to display widgets as I discovered when I made this blog – my other blog only has one sidebar. Play around with the widgets and the widget areas on your blog – you won’t do any damage to your layout, if you don’t like a widget just drag it off and discard it.

I hope this helps. It might look a bit complicated but once you’ve done it once or twice it’s easy (if I can do it, anyone can).




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  1. This worked perfectly Dotty, thank you! Now this blog is permanently linked in the sidebar and not just on that one post.

  2. Reblogged this on Finally a Writer and commented:
    This worked beautifully. A BIG thank you to Dotty!

  3. Thanx I will work on that when I finish my move this morning!!

  4. thank you, you have no idea how helpful that was. i spent forever trying to figure it out in the last couple days! i’m not real computer savvy. i did it in a min. with your instructions!

    • Dear bwr,

      You’re welcome. 🙂

      I forgot to say this is also how you put Award pictures on the side of your blog if you want them there.

      Love Dotty xxx

      • yes, i figured that, and i’m grateful to know that, i have been blogging for months and never figured that out! lol

        • Dear bwr,

          It’s only been a few weeks since I managed to get a picture to stick inside a post and if another blogger hadn’t told me how to do it I’d still be crossing my fingers every time I press publish.

          Just a thought, but I wonder if it would be worth doing some more How To posts for this blog – I know I found some of the things extremely hard to figure out until I got used to them, especially things that everyone else seemed to do easily, like pictures in posts and videos in posts (I had to ask how to do that on my blog, I couldn’t work it out at all).

          Love Dotty xxx

          • how too’s would be great, when i google them even if it is for beginners it is still to complicated! i would like to know more about css and rss…that stuff completely confuses me!

            • Dear bwr,

              I have absolutely no idea what they even ARE. 🙂

              I know the basics, that’s about it.

              Love Dotty xxx

              • yes me too, but i want to learn so i can make my site into my own thing!

                • Dear bwr,

                  I use pictures on the sidebar of my Notes From A She-Hermit blog to try and make it recognisable as mine. And I have a front page that’s permanent (I did one for here, too). I know other people use Backgrounds, but I daren’t try one in case I mess up my blog, and busy backgrounds take ages to load anyway.

                  On this blog I learned to make a Header of my own using Photoshop – that’s the first time I’ve attempted it and it took me most of the day to get it right. I’d like to learn some things too.

                  I wonder if there’s someone who knows how to do the more complicated stuff who’d be willing to do a guest post. I might think about asking when we get a few more people.

                  Love Dotty xxx

  5. haha, being a bloke I was not going to ask you and thereby admit that I didn’t know how to do this, or to be strictly accurate could not remember how to do it even though I actually did it only a few months ago! xxx

  6. I did it a slightly different way . . . I right-clicked on the button and clicked “Copy Link Location.” That’s what I put when it asked for the image URL.

  7. I’ve been trying to work out how to add the button on my Typepad blog (my wordpress is my portfolio, so it for getting jobs, not having any kind of fun with whatsoever.) I’ve been mucking about in the typepad widgets for a couple of days now. It will not beat me!

  8. please give me specific instructions on how to take a button. Thank you. This is a great idea and I hope it goes viral!

    • Dear gusgusgus,

      Hello. 🙂

      At the bottom of the page there’s a small button. Right click on it, click ‘Save picture as’ and when a box appears, click Save. That way you’ll have it on your computer. This post will hopefully tell you what to do next, but if you have any problems, just ask and I’ll try to answer.

      Love Dotty xxx

  9. You are being smart and useful again.

  10. Hey it didn’t work for me… every time I do a “save” the URL is deleted in the widget window… Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • Dear aalif,

      I’m not sure why it hasn’t worked for you. All I can suggest is starting over again (if you can be bothered, that is) in case something went wrong with the upload. Sorry!

      Love Dotty xxx

  11. I added your button to my sites! I’d love to be a part of your community! I think that fiction/poetry and writing categories would fit with me. and my website with a blog on it is at . I love what you have done here and will be back often! 🙂

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