Humour / Satire

Humour / Satire

Do you think you’re funny?

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  1. Laughing at Everyday Life…. We all need to laugh each day!

  2. You might not find my ranting amusing..perhaps you need to drink more before you read it…

  3. Following direction I’m choosing this as my second entry

    Love me! Worship me! Send me cash!

  4. Some of my posts are funny, some are maudlin…I prefer the funny, but life has other ideas at times…I’m steering you all to a funny one first:

  5. I think I’m funny. And so does my mother. “Verbatim Gibberish” at
    Warning: May not actually be funny.

  6. Observations from the bottomless, black, soul-sucking coal mine of domestic life with frequent trips to the portable bar.

  7. Jennifer Worrell

    Net your bladders, Girls–the Muse is in town!

  8. Let death come for me whilst in bed. I’ll throw back my bedclothes and use his ruddy skull as a piss pot!

  9. Because sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll cry. Unless you have enough wine, then you can laugh and cry. But don’t cry into your wine. No one wants to be stuck with diluted wine.


    For all your dumb workers and Aussie goodness.

  11. My choose-your-own-adventure blog:

    Readers vote for their favorite options, and a new installment of the story comes out every Sunday. The story is light-hearted and often humorous (or it tries to be). The more readers, the merrier!


    Here I try to keep things within the pop-culture theme. If it’s awesome, it goes here.

  13. I am a wheelchair jockey that loves writing, blogging and making people laugh. For loads of fun and laughter lightly sprinkled with some serious, please come and visit me I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you enjoy a laugh.

  14. well…I think I’m funny [as long as my inner gansta isn’t out] here’s my blog

  15. POW! Kitty DrunkDrunk wants to get all up in your junk! Drop in for a bucket of bum wine at Smell My Paw: The Shameful Adventures of Kitty DrunkDrunk. Yeah! P.S. Dotty H. RULES.

  16. Do the right thing……vote Sport!

  17. Distinguished Gen-x’er, and former high school yearbook voted “Most New Wave,” living the midlife suburban “dream” right here:

  18. Follow incredible news, events and much more from the wonderful borough of Wickle

  19. Gregor is a teeth-full blowfish, easy to carry traveler, and hard to handle friend. Together with his friend Spidey, a German born elderly adventurer, but in fact a wiry spandexed (not sure if it’s a word) arachnophile, they are wallfishing around the world, discovering what everyone knows already… but maybe with a slightly different perspective.

  20. I always wanted to be somebody, now I realize i should have been more specific.

  21. I write a blog called Humorous Interludes . It’s at… Thank you.

  22. A behind the scenes look at life as a TV News Cameraman. Mostly funny, sometimes serious.

  23. I’m an artist and occasional photographer, living in Wales, and I write about life and humour. I also ask questions in my posts as I like the interaction between myself and my commenters.

  24. I’m a librarian full of snark. I write about a little of everything including libraries, children’s TV, contests with Canadian clowns, Alice in Wonderland (of course) and so much more. Right now I’m covering the horror that is the 50 Shades of Grey series. Come see me, we’ll have tea.

  25. I may be the only one who thinks I’m funny. Take a look for yourself at and if your not completely satisfied, you’re only one click away from someplace better. 🙂
    Also, Dotty this is a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing!

  26. My humor is random, my photography fills in the gaps –

  27. Making babies the hard way can be funny when you’re lying in the horizontal pelvic tilt position

  28. It’s sort of like Self-Help. Sort of. Not really.

  29. Los of people think I’m funny. You decide.

  30. I have a funny blog about bitterness…or a bitter blog that is funny.

  31. Hi, Here’s my art gallery, hope it’s funny.

  32. — providing original laughs via the Internet. Somehow I knew I wasn’t the only one. Please come and visit and bring 200 or 300 of your dearest friends. I could use the company, I really could. Today’s post is a transcript from the elves’ grievance committee meeting with Santa Claus.

  33. – This blog is a way to transform my daily doldrums, bouts of parental frustration, and depression over why my 39-year old boobs look like my grandmother’s, into something resembling humor.

    Started blogging as I turned 40, now blog is more of a general musing outlet – trying to be lighthearted and amusing too. Let me know what you think!

  35. I’m a wannabe comic (but real life forces me to earn my living as a photographer) –

  36. I was going to put something funny or witty here, but that takes thinking. It’s 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon and my 3 kids have each had a friend over We’ll just consider ourselves lucky that I’m not drunk yet, and go from there, okay?

    If you want to laugh at the (mostly) ridiculous rantings of a self-certified crazy lady, head over to
    If nothing else, you’ll be glad you don’t live with me…

  37. This blog is a little bit silly and often times funny, Please read it and make my day sunny:·

  38. As I kid I wasn’t sure if the world revolved around me…but now I am:

  39. What’s funnier than a neurotic college student?


  40. I live an awkward life. Read all about here at


    I’m a CrossFit athlete and I like to make people laugh. This is my journey from a recovering fatass to an elite badass. I will rant and rave about whatever happens to be on my mind, and don’t worry I don’t hold back.

    I wake up every day and realize … I should be doing something much more productive.


    This is very serious stuff, just made to sound funny, so that the victims laugh at the post, and the others laugh at them…

  44. I had a break, but I’m back on track now.

  45. Being a Brit, I find it ACUTELY embarrassing to declare myself “funny” BUT I DO TRY.

  46. Come look at my blog! Yeah I’m unsubtle enough to say it.


    I don’t think I’m funny, but my dating history is. Don’t believe me? Try this one…

    Warning: This blog includes foul language and sexy stuff. It’s probably best you look away if you’re easily offended!

  48. “The problem with blogs is that you can’t believe everything you read on them.” ~Abraham Lincoln

  49. My obsession with Eddie Vedder and Pear Jam, plus my cat’s view of the world. Don’t know if it’s “funny” haha – but definitely “funny” strange!

  50. Mine is more a humor blog than anything else. I do have serious posts occasionally.

  51. Office Lothario come raging dickhead.

    Follow my amusing anecdotes of working, womanizing & ‘other stuff’ (usually) in London below:

  52. I’m probably more droll than funny, but I like to think my blog will amuse those who venture to it: Wherein I blather on about travel, cats, history, writing, fiction, and various and sundry other things. Come join me!


    We know shit. And we’re going to save the world (after this episode of House of Cards is over).

    Human relations, universal ecology, civilization, how we’re all messed up. What’s not to like?

  54. Sourcerer is a mult-contributor blog of pop culture, humor, commentary, and geekery.

  55. “In a world of politics, entertainment, and business, people seek power…. but what good is it if you fall on your face?”

  56. the news you deserve (that we make up!)

  57. Hi All, I’m John and I created a personal development site called Xequa that offers a kinship to those who are suffering. I aim to disarm the stress of adversity with humor. The purpose of Xequa is to help you make something in your life better- even if it’s just one thing- without judgement, without comparison and without expectation.


  58. – at times satirical – other times serious but always attempting to not take ourselves too seriously and elegantly entertain.

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