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  1. Dear Dotty,
    Thank you so much for doing this. I was going to suggest “Eclectic” as the topic name for those blogs that touch on multiple, various and sundry topics. General works, I suppose. The original topics my blog was supposed to be about were healing and recovery from a spiritual perspective ~ Mental Health and Religion? However, it quickly devolved into more of an online journal and how I’m dealing with physical and mental health issues, difficult family relationships, and my processing. Now, it has even been caught up in the opposing gravitational pulls of two strong forces: Notes from a She-Hermit and A Clown On Fire. Go figure.

    Anyway, I’d love to have more feedback and conversations with others, so please visit me at Human In Recovery,


  2. Thanks for this one, Dotty. I guess I’m too ping-pongy/disorganized/eclectic to be set down in one category. Unless it was Mental Health. But then some of my posts are quite sane and logical (on my off days). So I’ll stay here. That’s three, and I could still go to Mental Health, Humour (geez, you British!), Family…

  3. I do some music, some travel and some general. I am thinking this may be the place for me.

  4. themonsterunderyourbed

    I like to jump between recipes, reviews, attempts at being intelligent and my weekly journal. Thank you Dotty for considering us who have little blogging direction!!
    Much love.

  5. seemed like the best place 😉 hope your dotty day is good

  6. My second entry:

    My blog is about nothing. Send me money.

  7. My blog is called Splatter and its sub-title is Drips and Drops of Everyday Life so it covers a lot of subjects, many of them in an Historical context. The majority of my posts are translations from French into English, although I do write some of them directly. They cover many topics. There is some flash fiction (every Friday) occasional poetry (not very often) some Memoirs (called Hindsight and posted irregularly). A lot of it deals with spirituality and paranormal, parpsychology and generally exploring the workings of the human mind, often in an Historical context as stated above (i.e. a trip in a UFO in the IXth Century). All of this to say that my blog probably fits into four or five different categories.

  8. When it’s not Monday on the blog you will find Turbid Tuesday, Writing/Writer’s Wednesday, Thrillant Thursday and Frugal Friday…Saturday and Sunday anything is up or nothing at all. Monday is Mental…I’m OCD and random at the same time, so don’t let the titles fool you. The blog isn’t for everyone, drop in, see if you like it, if you do follow along, if not it’s okay. I appreciate the visit either way. 🙂

  9. I am difficult to categorize, and my blog is even more so. I write a lot of autobiographical, some humor, some horror, etc.
    Whatever or however I am feeling at the moment determines the type of post I will create.
    Thanks for this great site, a great way way to get out there!

  10. A weekly post about life lessons learned while walking the road less traveled.
    My whole purpose is to keep myself honest by blogging and in so doing, maybe leave someone else better off than they were before they pulled me up on their screen.
    Like your newspaper, each week’s offering is always there by Sunday morning. I’m publishing from Chicago.

  11. I like words. My favourite word is happy.

    I write about ordinary things & day to day life, past & present, people & places.

  12. I didn’t find a “life” category, so I guess “general” will do the trick. I make people laugh, but have a splash of real life situations that need to be addressed and discussed. There are things in life only we, the BLOGGERS, can fix. LOL, or die trying!


    there’s a lot of swearing in it, but it’s all integral to the plot…………….

    if anyone’s seen my plot………………

  14. Because I can’t find the Relationship/ Spiritual/ KitchenSink/ Political/ SocialCommentary/ TryingToBWitty/TemporarilyUnemployed&Broke category, it seems General would be the best 2nd category for me:

    On a journey (quest – see I’m “punny” too!) to find answers, looking for companions on the virtual road.

  15. I think I would prefer the word Eclectic, general is so general, I am anything but ;> I also like the term Life Style blogger. My blog is about my life. What ever is going on or strikes my fancy I post about. Miscellaneous could be another title I would fit under. Maybe one called Misguided since this might belong in Suggestions and some of us might be lost. lol

  16. My name is Roly. I’m a wheelchair jockey that has IBM Inclusion Body Myositis. A rare neuromuscular disorder. I love writing and blogging where I like to see the humorous side to most things. I don’t have fixed subject matter but tend to be a bit eclectic except for the humor of course.


    I’m including my blog here because I write about LIFE- which for me involves food, drink, travel, entertaining, finding joy in the every day, my dog, my friends, my cute little trailer, my upcoming wedding… basically everything. Thank you for doing this!

  18. My blog is probably enough of a hodgepodge that this category is fitting. Sometimes poetry, short stories, true stories, humor, the occasional recipe, and other reflections…

  19. Thanks for this one! Great idea.

    I blog about my random views/thoughts, travel and book & movie reviews occasionally.

  20. I thought I made up the word Quotography to describe my blog but come to find out the word is all over the internet. Oh well! My photos, other peoples’ words.

    Oh God. I’m in serious confusion about what to put my blog under!


    I do a little bit of everything. Just trying to get my opinion out there!

  23. I’m plumping for Eclectic, too. But General will do. Anything I come across that looks tasty enough to blog about:

  24. I have a query – I’ve followed your blog and added myself to three categories. What am I going to see in the Reader as your home page has no blog posts?

    • Dear Val,

      Oh – I’m not sure. Do you mean the WordPress Reader? If so, you should see the new posts. I think a lot of people get email notifications of posts but they come back regularly to check the categories for new blogs to read.

      Love Dotty xxx

  25. I am of Scottish birth but now a citizen of Australia, living in beautiful Gippsland Victoria. I blog about many and varied subjects.

  26. What a surprising find.

    I would like to add my blog, to to your list. I am writing about the long ordeal of navigating the legal, justice and political systems to obtain public information relating to a sudden, unattended death of my son, Raymond Zachry.

    Frequently, between court and investigating issues, I do re-blog from other WordPressers that have been supportive and write about interesting subjects.

  27. hi there, this is a great idea! i guess my blog is general because i touch on a lot of stuff,and i have some re-blogs to in a category entiited ‘by other bloggers’ my big issues are with the california dept. of corrections and their treatment of the SHU inmates. others are breast cancer and a few on how much i dislike the mean / two faced type of people.i just have lots of stuff in my blog. some posts are pagan / witch in nature. so long story short i want to add

  28. My blog is Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs at I participated in a blog challenge in July and wrote my first book, 31 Powerful Lessons: Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset. I’m currently using the blog to write my second book, Pick From The Passion Tree. It’s about empowering young people to determine their passion and identify a business or businesses they can build in alignment with those passions. It’s my way of addressing the enormous youth unemployment crisis.

  29. Nice blog first of all.

    Inspirational, heart-felt, courageous and good Samaritan stories to show that the world is actually a good place and that there are good people in the world. Earth’s Salvation is also an informal blog.

    Earth’s Salvation is near but people still ignore it or don’t know about it.


  30. Thanks for this. Great idea.
    Can I add my blog please?


    Well, that’s one of them. Not sure if I should list the others…. 🙂

  32. I run and I breathe and I’m branching out because there is more to share.

    • At 33 I was told that the lumps in my breast were probably nothing. So I did nothing, believing that I was “too young for breast cancer.” Shortly after my 34th birthday–and now with no health insurance–I discovered that Cancer didn’t care how old I was. On my twin kindergartners’ birthdays, the diagnosis of Her2 positive Stage 3C breast cancer rocked my foundation and changed my world in an instant. This is the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful of my cancer diagnosis and everything that has followed.
      This is my story:
      Thanks for reading.

  33. BlogDogIt – Bloggin’ It While Doggin’ It

  34. Hi. My blog, , is primarily about science and science education, but I also post about my bitty little company and how I work to make educational ebooks and software. I hope you can stop by. Leave a comment!

  35. Personal stories, random thoughts, and amateur photography.

  36. I’m from Essex and I blog about art, autism, mental health, play, craft, humerous verse, comedy, photography – and anything else creative – quite a lot really… come and follow me please…

  37. Hi, I like writing about anything and everything that captures my fancy at a given moment. Thank you for the big blog collection 🙂

    Please feel free to drop by my miniature wargaming blog, its not just a treat for wargamers, but a treat for all. There is only laughter in the face of adversity….

  39. I am an Advanced Practice Nurse that writes about topics form questions asked to me by readers, all based in current research, about health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, sex….you name it, I cover it! Best xoxo

  40. My blog is mostly about how to and where to spend your Break Time. It also covers a lot of different topics:

  41. my blog is all about everything that inspires me, my random thoughts, the places i’ve traveled, food, and others that i find interesting. These are my
    sweetpainteddreams.. here’s the link to my blog

  42. – Fairly new in the blogosphere, here to provide my commentary on life, from beauty and fashion to film and music, philosophy and general musings.

  43. Hi, I’m Karen. I blog mainly about mental health (I have PTSD and either schizoaffective or psychotic bipolar disorder) and therapy, but also about other nonsense – writing, books, TV, politics, physical health, blah blah. Hence ‘General’ as well as ‘Mental Health’.

    Find me over at 🙂

  44. yogawithmaheshwari

    I blog about yoga and yoga philosophy. Also spirituality in general from a variety of sources.

  45. Yup. General bloggery. Along with book promos, reviews, and giveaways. Do stop in.

  46. I’m a mature student blogging about Uni, life and other stuff. I can go on a bit but then I go silent! I am going to try and remedy that for 2013, I promise lol

  47. Hi, I agree eclectic as I don’t see books, art per se, walking, cooking, book reviews, film reviews and all sort of odds and ends including gardening of course… for these come to

  48. Hi..
    Please feel free to visit my blog at
    Thank you!

  49. – Spirituality, lifestyle and advice blog. I will be glad to see you all there! 🙂

  50. This blog is about all things that make me happy, whimsical crafty ideas, writing, photography, animals, daily interests.

  51. This is my personal blog! I love to write very much and i put my soul in it!Hope you will enjoy it! Kisses!

  52. Well,I love blogging. I write about…everything! life,love,fashion,tips and so on.Take a look!:)

  53. I’m not sure exactly what category I fall in (big revelation, I know)
    I write about so many different things that it’s difficult.

    Mostly though, I try to see the lighter side of life.
    We all need a laugh at the end of the day.
    Here’s my contribution.


  54. I post just about everything. Reviews(Movie/Book), Poetry all kinds of different topics.

  55. Hey everyone! Sahm here from The Arkside of Thought – I post about pretty much anything. There’s definitely something for everyone! 🙂

  56. Hello. I am Afrikaans speaking from South Africa. I have so many topics, it’s difficult to choose only one!! 🙂

  57. is an exercise in self-therapy designed to force me to think of something nice to say about someone or something every other day … a rants and raves opinion blog. In this crazy world, that’s not always an easy task.

  58. Hello,

    my blog is about marketing, advertising and social media.

    I’m a marketing student and I’m from Mexico City.

    I hope you visit my blog


  59. Javeria Kella


    My blog, speaks my heart. Thats pretty much it.

  60. Hi Everyone,

    I love to write about anything that cross my mind,even make cartoons,create animations,so I had to put up my blog here as keeping it to one category would not fair…

  61. Am so glad you have a general category too! I write fiction but also about random things that interest me.

    My blog address is :

  62. Life and its oddities, some funny, some not so funny, right here at mahabore

  63. Not sure to which category my blog belongs …commented in the thoughts/reflections but on a second thought I feel that my blog fits better in this general category.


    The chronicles of a twenty something girl madly obsessed with fiction and extremely uncertain about future.

  65. A team of bloggers in a challenge for global reach.

  66. Yep, just some general ramblings. That’s my blog “Arbitrary Flights of Fancy”.

  67. Hi! I am Clari and my blog showcases bits of who I am, what I do and what I love to do.

    Happy reading!

  68. Hey there! My name is Mark in case you haven’t figured that out yet! I like to write blog posts about things I find interesting, helpful and funny. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them.

  69. Other than in photography I’m unsure how to pigeonhole my blog. Photographs; write about weather; our dogs; cooking and baking; gardening; aircraft; my lovely wife; rarely politics and current events; gratitude for the blessings in my life; looking for and appreciating the beautiful and the everyday. I invite you to visit

  70. Marketing, Business, Advertising, Social Media and Print:

  71. I am a new blogger and I actually blog about anything under the sun!.. Architecture, travel, food, art, music etc.. please do check my blog ! 🙂 it would mean a lot to me.. I also would like to ask for some friendly blogging tips to help me improve my blog… thanks a lot! 🙂

  72. My blog explores what it means to be a Grandmother, so I commented on the Family section. But there seems to be more to it than just children. As the first commenter wrote, it seems a bit ecclectic.

  73. My blog is called Randomness 411, and, as the name implies, I blog about anything and everything, from music, to movies, to quotes, to pictures, to random facts. Come check it out!

  74. Wow! What a great idea! I’d love to be added to your list. Here’s my blog:

    Thanks so much! I’ll pass the word.

  75. I could not, however, find where to get the button for the Big Button Collection. Any help for that? Thanks.

  76. Usually I don’t learn post on blogs, but I wish
    to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do so!
    Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very great post.

  77. Thanks for this opportunity. My blog is a fun facts blog where I share fun facts and knowledge that I stumble upon whilst working on my various writings and projects. Check it out if you have a moment or two. Cheers!


  78. Hi there would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re
    working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.
    Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a fair price?
    Kudos, I appreciate it!

  79. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me
    of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this.
    I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  80. Espirational: A 10 Minute Vacation for the Soul

  81. You are so interesting! I do not believe I’ve read through something like that before.
    So good to find somebody with unique thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This site is one thing that’s needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

  82. My blog covers several topics so please add it to this category:

  83. I set up the website Discovery of Differences to enlighten people about the conditions associated with albinism. My mission is hopefully to encourage people to use the term Albinism by referring to us as people with albinism or person with albinism or better yet knowing the person’s name. There are other sites up which discuss albinism but because I have this condition it is only appropriate that I also connect with people through this website for the quest of informing people about albinism too. Some posts are on various subjects besides albinism videos, illustrations, and editorial written by me. The other postings are informational from other sites explaining albinism. And I will have the reference labels from where the information came.

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