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life experiences?

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  1. It most certainly does. When I created, I planned to write about diabetes. Quite quickly, I learned that writing about my life left posts far more compelling and powerful. Now I write either/or, and combinations as well, along with poetry, for which I have just rediscovered a real love.

  2. I feel my blog fits into this category.

    This is such an awesome idea, Dotty! I love finding new blogs to read and this is going to be a fantastic resource for people. Thank you for setting this up for the community! 🙂

  3. I guess mine best fits here too…

    I’m currently going through a divorce and so I’m writing my blog for my son. I hear a song and it reminds me of a particular time, person or event in my life, and that’s what I write about.

    I write it because I know that, one day, we’ll be apart and I won’t be able to tell him these stories in person.

    Because of all this, it’s called The Last Song I Heard… and you’re welcome to read it 🙂

  4. Tragic Sandwich: I am a lazy triathlete living in Los Angeles.


    living with multiple personality disorder (now known as DID)

  6. I am raising a teenager. That is a story. I try to stay present and reflective so it does not drive me insane. She is a pretty good kid. I do love her with all of my heart. Some days I think she understands that. Other days I feel like a lion tamer.

  7. I am a Welshman living in Lancashire who writes about my experiences with epilepsy


    I write, fiction, poetry, stories about life, living, loss. I enjoy the “challenges” many sites offer.
    You will find articles from memoirs, editorials,nature, spiders, insects, to recipes, teens, children, loss and paranormal. I welcome comments and criticism.


    I’m 42 and halfway through my life. I like share the lessons I’ve learned and maybe a few of the mistakes 🙂

  10. Hi Dotti, this is very generous of you. It’s a great idea too to help sort through blogs of interest. Here is mine. It started as a memoir (and still is) but there is also some of my art, poetry and strange asides thrown in there too. I’m very interested in mental health and life’s experiences in general. Ahhh what the hell, I’m interested in anything and everything. Love this blog world.

  11. I so Appreciate this whimsical cite. This is such a fun idea!
    Here is another fun idea: Enjoy

  12. My beautiful daughter is terminally ill. Her boys are 15 and 13 years of age. I decided to blog her final journey. I am not a professional blogger – just a mother trying to cope with her only child’s imminent death.

  13. Hi, I’m Jezebel. My blog is not on wordpress, I hope that’s okay.

    I write about my experiences with mental illness (mainly Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, though there are a few other things thrown in for more fun…) as well as the effects of sexual abuse and trauma in my daily life. All of the posts so far are about my life, so I guess it’s sort of a memoir in that way.

  14. definitely yes, it is mostly about me & my funny & sometimes stupid life’s experiences. So, once again:

  15. Ok mine is a tell-all series about my relationship with a New York City Journalist. The full title is TheReporterandTheGirl MINUS TheSuperman! It can be found here

  16. Hi, Thanks for providing this outlet.
    My blog is:
    After a 1.5 years of breast cancer treatments, my husband and I decided to get out of the city, retire and enjoy country life. This blog is about our house renovations, gardening, nature, and funny stories as we explore all of life’s possibilities. We live a simpler life now and take time to appreciate the small things ie watching clouds and canning tomatoes.

  17. Not only does my blog consist somewhat of ongoing memoir, but also my published memoir on coping with schizophrenia is showcased there.

  18. Very Simple Very Easy Very Good, (VSVEVG) is about the shared life of artist and writer, Abby Smith and camposino and mezcalero, Felipe Pita Cruz in rural Mexico. This blog is about what it’s like to live in the campo (country living en espanol), and our milagros and mishaps on the road to self sustainability.

  19. Pervertically Virtuous

    I’m a highly sexual woman, with many sexualities: bisexual, swinger, poly, sadist, domme, casual sex aficionado, pervert, and most of all, a proud badge-carrying slut. I write about my current sex stories, my sex-, drugs-, and electronica-infused childhood/teenage years, and other musings on sex, relationships, and life in general..

    Pervertically Virtuous – The Musings and Adventures of a Proud Lifelong Slut

  20. Life and its oddities, some funny, some not so funny, right here at mahabore

  21. Office Lothario come raging dickhead come black sheep.

    Follow my amusing anecdotes of working, womanizing & ‘other stuff’ (usually) in London below:

  22. My blog chronicles my journey from avid runner and half-marathoner to breast cancer warrior. I include stories, helpful tips on everything from diet to avoiding side effects, and a hearty helping of what I call “cancer comic relief”.

  23. Hi please join me on my Mind The Gap journey as i trip along pulling epilepsy and a lazy leg wherever i go. An unwelcome lump in my head called BT, tipped my life on its head and I write to show that there can be life and laughter even with a brain tumour.

  24. I call my blog “An embellished memoir, in short spurts.” It best fits in the Memoir category.
    the link is
    It is a wordpress blog.
    come visit me!
    I write about all kinds of stuff…my dog, current events, food, oh yeah, food.

  25. My blog is a personal blog. sometimes I talk about religion and politics but mostly personal.

  26. My blog tells of my story as a rape survivor. There’s a lot of memoir in it, with some other things thrown in the mix.

    My Life. My Memories. My Stories…My Way. Reaching my children and grandchildren, one heart at a time

  28. Just love this idea of a Big Blog List. Already added my blog to General category, but I think it fits here, too. Here it is:

    Thanks so much and have a great day!

  29. I write about my experiences in a raw and honest way and how I still have a great life with a brain tumour, epilepsy, disabilities and currently the challenges I face going through treatment with a new diagnosis of breast cancer..

  30. Discovery of Differences is a site all about the awareness of the many distinguishing different features we possess. Recognizing the fact that being different isn’t a burden but a unique gift. This gives us the power to be successful in the accomplishment of positive goals.

  31. My blog is on Social issues, my experience and memories.

  32. My blog is on Social issues, my experience and memories.

  33. What a wonderful idea and resource. And finally there are some categories I relate to! I am a wellness coach, food mentor and creativity facilitator dedicated to helping others who want to take better care of themselves make the changes they desire so that they can have peace, balance, health and happiness. My blog writing is my experiences, reflections and learnings on my personal and public journey to self-care. I am a writer, currently working on my memoir about following my dreams and heart to a rural mountain village in Mexico where I reside. Thank you for reading, following and sharing if you feel the desire.

  34. Invitation to follow Delight of Other Days. Ireland.

  35. my website is about me / cfs / fm and other related illnesses …

    I’m the driver of this crazy cancer bus. You needn’t get a nasty incurable case of cancer to jump on for a ride, you just need a sense of humor and humanity. Oh, there’s no fare either, unless you’d like some nifty vintage and antique goods in which case your support of a stage 4 breast cancer survivor is commendable – buy good and do good. YeuxDeux on
    I always follow back and comments always appreciated.
    With kind gratitude,

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