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Film / TV / Music

If your blog is about films, tv or music

add it here.


    I like to review movies and such. I try to keep this sorta pop-culture.

  2. I write about lots of topics, butt on Tuesdays I do a series called Tuesday Tunes where we explore songs with amazing lyrics. Hope you’ll check it out: Can’t wait to check out others!

  3. A behind the scenes look at life as a TV News Cameraman. Mostly funny, sometimes serious.

  4. about my journey to learn to play some cool musical instruments. About the joys and frustrations as well as geeky stuff about strings, picks, instrument models, tunes, music styles and everything else.

  5. I’m a snarky librarian that covers a lot of stuff including awful Children’s TV shows. Also I’m currently covering the 50 shades series which will be a movie, and will be truly awful. To see my reviews, come on down.

  6. I review movies on my site, sometimes with the help of some guest contributors. I also run a few community features, and would love more people to stop by and get involved 🙂

  7. – calculated perpetual and relentless naïveté … especially look under ‘poeviews’

  8. I make music and I blog about music and everything that can help you to make music on your own, including reviews, news, my own music, share my favorite bands and gear.

    If there is a contest where you can get something to make music for free I’ll post it!!
    And when there is something free to download, and you can make music with it I’ll post it too!


    I do a weekly feature called “Two for Tuesday” in which I feature the music of a particular artist or group.

  10. My blog is about a career in independent film production.

  11. I write about a lot of things in the 1920s and 1930s, but I have quite a few posts dedicated to film from those decades

  12. Cultural Life encompasses many topics of the arts and culture, including movies and music.

  13. Nandini Godara

    I’m a film enthusiast and a television addict. Do stop by for a chat and have a look around! I’m very nice (my mom said so). 🙂

  14. Movies, Games, TV, and just general bits of cool geekery that I happen to stumble upon:

  15. I’m a frustrated concert goer / music fan living in Hong Kong. As such, I write about all the great shows I’m missing, with a little bit of parenting thrown in, expat style:


    noise music, pop music, books, films and philosophy.
    surreal and magickal.
    dark and light.

  17. I’ve been finding hints of spirituality in pop culture for 35+ years, so I’ve recently started sharing those bits in a blog. and I also gab about my abstract art & stereoscopic photography. usually within the context of a lifelong wandering and pondering about Christianity.


  18. We are a top of the charts all girl virtual band. Our blog introduces you to our cartoon family, our music, videos and back stories. Enjoy;)

  19. Film, TV and Music are my passions. I write about them here: so include me in the conversation all! 🙂

  20. Sourcerer is a mulit-contributor blog of pop culture, humor, commentary, and geekery.

  21. Don’t read if you haven’t seen “The Amazing Spider-man 2” yet…..

    tell me what you think and follow me 🙂

  22. Don’t read if you haven’t seen “The Amazing Spider-man 2″ yet…..

    tell me what you think and follow me

  23. Hi, I keep 2 blogs and all of which were all about my personal thoughts and experiences.. just this year, I decided to reinvent my 2nd blog and write all about music. This is my music blog:

    Hope you can visit it some time! 🙂

  24. My entertainment Blog… focusing mostly on Tv, Movies, & Books but I also add anything else I may come across (and am looking for a video game & sport writer for the blog)

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