This page is for British blogs, ex-pats included,

and it’s the one page that’s the exception

to the rule of having your blog listed in two

categories. ALL British blogs can be listed

 here. And before anyone starts moaning

that I’m showing favouritism towards

the British TOUGH TITTIES.



  1. Pop in for virtual tea and tiffin with general musings on books, film, art, events and more. thanks for the link xx

  2. Hurrah!!! I’m from Britain!!! I write about the rain and being mental and stuff
    Love Hello Sailor xox

  3. Ah I see, one adds by leaving an address as if it was a comment. Am too old for this lark… .Oh fuck it isnt going to work

  4. Dotty finds me funny sometimes. I take this as a huge compliment 😀

  5. I write about writing, playwriting, putting on a play, and, er, comedy. Yeah, the play’s a comedy:

  6. I am from Britain. I like being from Britain. I write about being mental, but not in a mental way. Here is my blog:

  7. Hello – the stuff of nonsense at – Cheers!

  8. Hi there, from sunny Northumberland!

    OK, so you already know I’m a bit ‘well dodgy like’, as that is the most ridiculous thing EVER to say considering it’s summertime in Northern Britain – could I be a politician, a lawyer, or a banker?
    Actually, no, I’m just a regular person trying to write stuff. So why not come on over sometime, and help me spread the confusion?
    There’s something for everyone – poems, prose and pretty pictures too, of the days when it isn’t raining, usually.

    Look forward to meeting you soon!

    Oops – nearly forgot my link:

    Also, a big thank you to Dotty – I hope this kicks off for you!

  9. themonsterunderyourbed

    I fit many of the other categories as I don’t write about one thing but I DEFINATELY fit the BRITISH category. Woop!!
    Here lovelies:

  10. – the occasional and random musings and reports of life in an Anglican Religious community, from the point of view of the community’s newest member, ie me.

  11. garry williams blog

    i blog about my battle with depression

    I am from Wales, I write about being mental, with an Eating Disorder, PTSD and depression. My writing is mostly mental… but has some fun comics and quotes to liven things up a little.

  13. Yay! I qualify because I was born in Luton and emigrated to the US when I was 33 😀

    I’m currently going through a divorce and so I’m writing my blog for my son. I hear a song and it reminds me of a particular time, person or event in my life, and that’s what I write about.

    I write it because I know that, one day, we’ll be apart and I won’t be able to tell him these stories in person.

    Because of all this, it’s called The Last Song I Heard… and you’re welcome to read it 🙂

  14. The clue is in the blog title, unless you thought it was based on events in London in the state of Equatorial Guinea.

  15. Hi, I´m a British expat now living in southern Spain.

    You can follow my travels around the world:

    or, if you would like to know what it´s like living in Andalucía:

  16. I’m a Welsh/Australian born in Wales in the 1950s, lived in Australia for 42 years and have now returned to the UK to be with my Welsh Partner. My blog is a mixture of journal and experimenting with writing. Please come and visit.

  17. I am a disabled father and I blog about dealing with my own disability as well as my youngest daughter’s disability while trying to live a ‘normal’ family life. I have 3 daughters altogether and a lovely wife (married 13 years today) and we all live in Newcastle upon Tyne.
    You can read my blog here

    Thank you


    i just like the sound that the keyboard makes

  19. I’m based abroad but was born in the Great British United Isles Kingdom.

  20. I am a wheelchair jockey that loves blogging and making people laugh. So, for lots of laughs, jokes and funny stories lightly sprinkled with a bit of serious, come and visit me and comment to let me know you were there. I will always return your call.

  21. Follow incredible news, events and much more from the wonderful borough of Wickle.

  22. Algarve Blog – about our move to live on the sunny Algarve – but I am British! 🙂 – just hate the rain and the grey skies!!

  23. My blog is about me and my depression and anxiety, I hope you like it 🙂

  24. Half and half – British and American, but mostly British. And Scottish come 2014:

  25. A behind the scenes look at life from a TV News Cameraman. Mostly funny, sometimes serious.

  26. Hey there folks, peeps who won’t need an urban dictionary to understand my posts, I was an actor and got pretty drunk and pretty depressed but now I’m remembering all the pretty damn hilarious things about it all. Bonkers, crackers, madfrit, I’m from Manchester, innit.
    That’s me!

  27. I’m an artist and occasional photographer, living in Wales, and I write about life and humour. I also ask questions in my posts as I like the interaction between myself and my commenters.

  28. I love photography. Love taking photos even though I am somewhat of a novice with it.

  29. I’m British and so is my wife….(Oh and my two year old)

    A blog with my random musings on life, the world around me and the people in it.

  31. Hi I’m a Londoner currently living in West Wales and i write 75 word stories …

  32. Hi Dotty

    I’m a Brit and a writer, so I will post myself in both categories, if that’s all right.

    yay! I remembered it.

  33. London Calling or should that be Ovaries Calling

    My musings on creating Offspring the Second

  34. I’m from the Lake District, and my blog is a movie related one. I love my little community and would love it even more if a few of you stopped by and said hello 🙂

  35. – calculated perpetual and relentless naïveté …

  36. Love that you have a separate category for us Brits 😉 Poetic musings on life and being the best we can be, from Brighton. Love and Light. x

  37. I am British but am currently living in California. The purpose of my blog is to showcase my mixed media work, with an emphasis on photography. The central themes of this work are mental illness and self-medication.

    Please add me to the list. Thanks!

  38. I’m Welsh, living in England with a Scottish Husband. I have yet to visit Northern Ireland.

  39. I don’t see anything from this site in my reader so I’m going to unfollow. If you want to usubscribe me from the sections I’m in (British, Art and Humour, I think it is), please do. Sorry about this.

  40. Living in Bristol, blogging about mental health related issues and the effects of social anxiety and depression, with all the fears. I also do the odd bit of creative writing and poetry, as well as exploring my own mind.

  41. Hi there! I’m from Bristol and I blog about fashion

  42. I’m from Essex and I blog about art, autism, mental health, play, craft, humerous verse, comedy, photography – and anything else creative – quite a lot really… come and follow me please…

  43. Welsh and living in Madrid. I blog about my new life experiences, mental health issues, politics, thoughts and opinions, gender issues and also fashion. Weird combo? Well, you’ll never know unless you take a look and read my posts! Interested in other people’s opinions and experiences, making new contacts and reading new blogs.

  44. Based abroad, but raised with the yanks. Living in between London, Gloucester, Bournemouth and Kent. 😀 Just a Brench (British and French) guy who writes a lot of poetry, each piece is a look into an event of my life and emotions. New works everyday and I love connecting with people on here. So give me a email thanks! xx- KH

  45. the Hurt Healer – Inspiration for anyone who wants to live their life as the person they were meant to be. Please join me:)

  46. I’m half British and so spend half the year in our little West Cottage in Oxfordshire. I hope this half counts my blog. PS: I do drive on both sides of the car, on both sides of the road and I still drive too fast. 🙂

    Just turned 40 – that’s when I started blogging (coming to terms with this landmark age!) – blog more generally now – musings that try to be amusing! Would love it if you have a read and tell me what you think.

  48. Hi Dotty, just found your fabulous listings. Such a great way to find like-minded and interesting people. I blog about my sketches and paintings, the places I draw, and the people I meet along the way.

  49. Trying to understand my own mental health issues.

  50. Made in the UK, Art Craft, Photography, Jewellery and whatever else I end up making or talking about 🙂

  51. – Fairly new in the blogosphere, here to provide my commentary on life, from beauty and fashion to film and music, philosophy and general musings.

  52. Hi, I’m Karen. I blog mainly about mental health (I have PTSD and either schizoaffective or psychotic bipolar disorder) and therapy, but also about other nonsense – writing, books, TV, politics, physical health, blah blah. I’m from Northern Ireland.

    Find me over at 🙂

    Great idea, Dotty!

  53. Shiny, new and under a layer of snow right now.

  54. I’m a mature student blogging about Uni, life and other stuff. I can go on a bit but then I go silent! I am going to try and remedy that for 2013, I promise lol

  55. Hi there do come and visit for book reviews, knitting, art, walking and other stuff…

  56. Hi, I’m Glittering Dark. My blog is a new project. I write about being in therapy, trying (and sometimes failing…) to deal with my anxiety and my experiences with mental health issues in the past. Hopefully others will identify with some of what I write. Oh, and I live in London.

  57. Hi I’m Tim. Come and visit my blog,, for the latest news and views about green issues.

  58. I’m a mummy of twins and a virgin blogger. My blog is called A MishMash Life and is about parenting and anything else that takes my fancy! Hope you enjoy it –

  59. I photograph stuff.

    And there is lots of stuff to take photo’s of in the bejeweled isles.

  60. I life an awkward life. I am trying to make sense of it. Read my adventures here

  61. Just found this brilliant collection, I am a british expat currently,living,loving and working in Portugal you can find me here :

  62. Diverging thoughts on books, writing, art and general what-have-you, considerately ordered. I post every couple of days, always respond to comments and am an all round good blogger.

  63. follow a newbie Brit writer with his ‘L’ plates firmly stapled to his rear as he embarks on the journey to be a best-selling author…well..sort of anyway.

  64. Irish born living in Cornwall. My blog is about spirituality and anything else that crops up as life is experienced.

  65. neophyte psychic

    I’m not British but I’m joining this category anyway. Kidding! Yes, British, living in England. Great food, beautiful weather … wait, no, that’s not right. That’s the place I *wish* I was living.

    Maybe now that I’m feeling all patriotic and such, I’ll start to ignore all the red squiggles from my WordPress spell check and just publish my posts with “s” instead of “z”.

    Oh right, apart from being all proper, drinking tea and talking about the weather, I’m also psychic. 🙂


    My blog is usually about the intersection where faith meets culture, society or every life. Lots of questions and thoughts, very few concrete answers, and I’m always looking for different points of view.


    I’m an expat living and working in Indonesia as an English teacher and my blog is an odd mixture of general thoughts, poem, stories, photos etc.

  68. I’m a Brit but I currently reside in Nigeria. From my humour blog you will discover that my crazy articles tend to be influenced by my experiences in the UK and Nigeria. C’mon over and have a good laugh today!

  69. I am a Londoner, and I live in London. And my own little world…

  70. Hey! From England and write (hopefully) funny things about whatever comes into my mind at the time, enjoy! And can someone PLEASE assist me in getting a button for my page?

    The alternate planet


    The galaxy according to mental shep… My life with mental health problems. From Wales, Uk.


    The dating dramas of a thirtysomething woman…in Britain. Which is why I’m on this list! Warning: Swear words and sexy stuff are the norm on this blog!

  73. – restoring canonical verse to a modern world. We are a poetry collective based in London.


    I’m actually Irish, but I have lived in London longer than I lived in Ireland, both my girls are British and my husband is British. We waved (wet) flags at the diamond Jubilee (the golden one was a lot warmer!) & cheered the home team over every finishing line. Our tweets were for Murray & we’re placing all our bets on George for the baby princes name 🙂

    My blog has become a blog of photos, but it is also about me, my family, our cocker spaniel Wilson, our holidays, where we live, flowers, animals, birds…… (and when I’m feeling sorry for myself my dyslexia, fibromyalgia, ME, sinusitis & addiction) I do my best not to let these nasty things creep into my blog too often!!

  75. ‘The Office meets the Inbetweeners’

    Amusing anecdotes of working, womanizing & ‘other stuff’ (usually) in London:

  76. Hi please join me on my journey as i trip along pulling epilepsy and a lazy leg wherever i go. An unwelcome lump in my head called BT, tipped my life on its head and I write to show that there can be life and laughter even with a brain tumour.

    Advocacy blog for incurable Stage IV, Metastatic Breast Cancer, which affects 30% of the BC community, yet we feel ignored and get about 3% of the research funding. 97% goes to curable Early Stage Breast Cancer.

  78. Blogging a poem a day from Old Blighty although hopefully raising awareness of some debilitating health conditions across the globe if anyone would like to drop in I look forward to meeting you. 🙂

  79. Hey there! My name is Mark in case you haven’t figured that out yet! I like to write blog posts about things I find interesting, helpful and funny. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them.

  80. Hi lovely British bloggers and all bloggers worldwide who want to read the blogs by Brits. My blog is about my love of walking in nature.
    I take photographs and write poetry about my feelings and thoughts as I am rambling.

  81. hey there, fellow brits ^^ i’m your humble narrator miki, and i run jump into the fog, which also belongs in the writing category! it’s here:

  82. A blog about writing, book reviewing, travel, food, humour and the things that inspire me, photography and art.

  83. I’m a Londoner, with a blog about great recipes, gardens and gardening – and thoughts about everyday / busy life 🙂

  84. I am new blogger who needs more publicity. I post my travel and thoughts!

  85. Hello! I’ve just started blogging about my life as a 21 year old student living with Depression. It’s not all doom and gloom, i promise 🙂 Just me, my life and my thoughts. Feel free to check it out. @_pursuitofhapp

  86. Please come and visit The Pen And The Page at
    where you can browse and (hopefully) enjoy my poetry.

    Look forward to seeing you.

    Keep Smiling 😊


  87. Hello! Expat Brit here too, so glad we can add to three categories 🙂

    My story is here…

    Megan x

  88. brightonbipolar

    My blog is about my experiences with Bipolar Disorder and other Mental Health issues.

  89. My blog is about all the different aspects of my life, covering mental health, gaming, parenting etc and I draw comics to accompany my writing.

  90. Hi I’m Rachel, please check out my blog about Psychology and mental health 🙂

  91. Hey all, I’m currently struggling with my mental health (BPD, PDNOS, depression, anxiety) and I’m looking to join the mental health conversation & raise awareness!

    And here is my log, ‘This is Mental’:

    Sending hugs all around x

  92. I’m from Britain and I write about my general day to day life, maybe some odd ramblings too

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