My New Blog (If Anyone Else Makes A New Blog, Put It In A Comment Here As Well As In The Categories If You Want To)


This is my new blog —




About Dotty Headbanger

I'm British. I love you. I'm nice like that.

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  1. My old blog was The new is The new does not seem to be catching on as well as I had hoped, but I sure am enjoying it. I’ve been posting my photos with mostly humorous quotes I find. But the new is interspersed with my writing. Come visit.

  2. My new blog is It’s a funny look at the ins and outs of trying to make a baby

  3. http//

  4. I blog at

    We cover any and all strange relics of the past including games and more.

    Categories: Writing


  5. My life with PCS/ TBI/ and PTSD….

  6. Buddhism, spiritual psychology, the human experience, the search for the unlocatable self, whatever comes up, really.

  7. A Liberation Unleashed blog, related to the triggering of seeing “no-self”.

  8. Dotty:
    Thanks for this invitation and opportunity.

  9. My new blog is
    Please have a good rummage 🙂

  10. Hi, I am blogging at the name is Afrikaans but the blog is attempted English… I am a pastor, but the blog is more about motorbikes, travelling, adventure and other stuff.

  11. The nature of art beauty and taste in my life.

  12. “Brenda’s Blog” my free, weekly, channeled, spiritual blog at is also carried by other blog sites including Spirit Library, The Federation of Light and

    Thank you for allowing so many to list their websites!

  13. Life and its oddities, some funny, some not so funny, right here at mahabore

  14. Hello Dottie!

    I would love to be listed in the Writing and Fiction/Poetry categories.

    My blog address is

  15. Please put my blog in the list. categories are fiction and photography.

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