Journal / Diary


Journal / Diary

Is your blog an online journal or diary?

If so, add it to this list.



  1. Dear Dotty,
    I think so. And thank you so much dear friend. I’ve never known how to classify what I do.
    You are a genius.
    And you really know how to make me smile.

  2. Oops!!!
    I’m so blonde.
    Here’s mine:

  3. O dear GAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd.
    Life is hard for me.
    Can you tell?

  4. I think I belong here, as well… Thanks, Dotty!

  5. – the occasional and random musings and reports of life in a Religious community, from the point of view of the community’s newest member, ie me.

  6. Hey Dotty,
    What the hell. I”ll try anything once. My blog is just random head crap. I’m at Doc.

  7. A forty something Canadian Chick,,,going back to school and starting life over!!
    Follow me!

  8. I’m currently going through a divorce and so I’m writing my blog for my son. I hear a song and it reminds me of a particular time, person or event in my life, and that’s what I write about. I also write about the things I’ve been doing and especially the things we do together 🙂

    I write it because I know that, one day, we’ll be apart and I won’t be able to tell him these stories in person.

    Because of all this, it’s called The Last Song I Heard… and you’re welcome to read it

  9. Hello. I´m a British expat living in southern Spain. I have two journals: Tales of my travels around the world. Everyday life – east of Malaga.

    Please come along and say hello 🙂

  10. I’m a Welsh/Australian born in Wales in the 1950s, lived in Australia for 42 years and have now returned to the UK to be with my Welsh Partner. My blog is a mixture of journal and experimenting with writing. Please come and visit. 🙂

  11. great thingy you got goin’ on here. here’s mine

  12. blondefairy1975

    Hi, Dotty! Big Fan! Here’s my blog:

  13. Dotty!!! Teen writer with a public journal here. Thanks for this!

  14. I suppose my blog can be put into this category, but then again, what do I know?

  15. Thanks for the likes and stopping by my site:


  17. Hi there, I have a fairly new journal type of blog at

    A Blog about my life, the world around me and the people that are in it. 🙂

  19. This is my journey through life, feel free to come along for the ride:

  20. A writer writing at In the Spaces Between Words and Images at Thanks for this, Dotty.

  21. Mine is a kind of diary/journal in that I record three beautiful things each day. There are lots of photos and I cover travel and cooking and random stuff! Have a look

    Thanks! 🙂

  22. While my blog could fit into more than this category, I consider the Journal your place to post everything in so I think this is the best place to link to my blog. I mostly talk about things I like, post pretty pictures, poems, pieces of writing, do Blog Challenges, talk some more and interact with my readers. Feel free to give me a poke:

    Now…let’s steal that button. *tries to pry it off*

  23. Hi Dotty! My blog is usually pretty personal…I’m just starting out really.

  24. My blog is hard to define, but journal seems almost accurate:

  25. Well, apart from being many other things, it certainly is a journal too 😉

  26. The Pisces Manifest~Diary of a Pisces Woman

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Pervertically Virtuous

    Pervertically Virtuous – The Musings and Adventures of a Proud Lifelong Slut

    thank you 🙂

  28. neophyte psychic

    Hello! My blog is a psychic diary wherein I describe any experiences I have which are “psychic” in nature. I have been psychic all my life but I’m just now learning how to improve these gifts.

    Many people don’t really know what “psychic” means and have all sorts of strange preconceptions about it. But a lot of people don’t realise that “intuition” is actually a type of psychic ability, and dreams can be too.

    I’m making my diary public because I would like to share this learning experience with other people who might not realise that they are also “latent” psychics – there are more of you than you think! 😉

    In order to develop and increase my psychic gifts, I will be working through some books and doing all the exercises. My personal psychic path, includes the following:

    1. meditation, Spirit Guides, angels, and other not-so-friendly “entities”
    2. keeping a diary of all psychic-related things
    3. dreams
    4. learning about energy, auras, crystals, symbolism, archetypes, and other spiritual studies.

    Please stop by for a visit! 🙂

  29. This is my garden journal – a photograph a day throughout the year.

  30. itisalonelyworld

    A general account of my life, includes art, writing, clothing, my personal life, navigating the transition between high school and university and my struggle with depression (wow I sound so dramatic). Hope you pay a visit!


    Hmmm, is it a diary? I’m not sure, but it does catalog the dating dramas of this thirtysomething Brit, so I guess it might fit into this category.

    Warning: Swearing and sexy stuff are part of the norm in this blog, best look away if that kind of thing offends you!

  32. My blog is a personal blog about random things that happen to me and affect me. I write the occasional stories.

  33. “Random musings of a thoroughly-lived life. I would to be on your Big Blog Collection list in the “family” and “journal/diary” sections. Thanks! – Fawn

  34. Please follow me. My blog “travelling beyond sea’s” is all about capturing life at is. I love writing about my passion (politics) and interest. I also post my own collection of photography. Enjoy 🙂

  35. Journey into the abyss of sexual assault recovery and PTSD insanity. Its a wild ride!

  36. Not sure really but this is the best category for my personal blog:

    Do come visit me! 🙂

  37. My story is here…

    Do feel free to comment (but please be gentle, I am only human…)

    Megan x

  38. Hey all, I’m currently struggling with my mental health (BPD, PDNOS, depression, anxiety) and I write about my experiences. I’m also hoping to join the mental health conversation & raise awareness!

    Here is my log, which I think is journaly, ‘This is Mental’:

    Sending hugs all around x

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