Fiction / Poetry

Fiction / Poetry


Is your blog focused on your fiction or poetry

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  1. Lily Wight ~ The Arcade of Art & Arcana. Books, film, TV, art, events and more!

  2. The story of Victor Tookes and his family trying to create a safe place for his small son to grow up during the zombie apocalypse.

  3. I’ll add when I’m sober…

    flipping awesome idea… thank you

  5. ps I am not sure where I belong… SHITE would be a good category 🙂

  6. I am posting my works of short fiction on my blog “Unlikely Realm” as I write them. Trying to get a new story up each week.
    Also, WTF WordPress. Stats are borked as well.
    Way to pick up the slack, Dotty. You rock!

    This blog is primarily about writing, but occasionally delves into reviews and earth-shattering personal life events.

  8. I follow unfetteredbs where ever she leads. 🙂

    I write more than fiction-poetry but I guess 2/3 fits this category…

  9. Sisyphus47’s writing blog:

  10. My collection of poetry, prose and writing prompts:

  11. I’m adding mine here because I don’t know where to sign in, apart from General. I participate in Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers, so I qualify for this category. I also post a bit of poetry from time to time. However, the blog consists mostly of translations from French into English of anecdotal bits of History. A lot of it deals with the paranormal, parapsychological, or other workings of the human mind. Some of it concerns spirituality and its relations with science. There is also a Memoir thingy called Hindsight which pops up irregularly, and probably a whole lot of other stuff that I’ve forgotten.

  12. Hello all, I write about surviving and recovering from abuse. It seems a lot of poetry has come out of me since I began blogging. So I thought I’d throw my two cents in here too! 🙂

  13. straight up poetry, humble attempts at modernism, a few photos here & there.

  14. Hello! I write a little bit of fiction time and again. Here’s my blog: Musings of a 22 year old:

  15. Exploring the extent of my imagination as I seek to create fiction worth experiencing under the name of Jaq.

  16. shitty poems. just shitty poems. don’t waste your time.

  17. My choose-your-own-adventure blog:

    Readers vote for their favorite options, and the winner(s) appear in the next Sunday installment.

  18. My Poetry blog is — please come by and visit! I have pages for your poetry, and for favorite poems from your past.

  19. Hi all

    Flash Fiction and Haikus on

  20. I am running a poetry blog to help students in my country.

    I write, fiction, poetry, stories about life, living, loss. I enjoy the “challenges” many sites offer.
    You will find articles from nature, spiders, insects, to recipes, teens, children, loss and paranormal. I welcome comments and criticism.


    I’m here to troll your mind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  23. susieslittleinspirations – Poetry, inspirations, mental health

    Even though I write about pretty much anything and everything that interests me, fiction and poetry was actually what I started my page for… 🙂


    For book reviews on fiction books. Musings, writing, articles.

  26. Hello,

    My name is Dawn Willis (twitter @Quinonostante ) and I’m a bit of a Mental Health Activist, Campaigner..but I dabble in poetry too….

  27. Mostly fiction. Sometimes fact. Sometimes photography. Come visit. Bring a bottle of wine.

  28. I’ve only recently started on poetry

  29. – calculated perpetual and relentless naïveté …

    A poet a fellow traveller on this fantastical journey we call life. Capable of anything and everything. With love and light. x

    I write poetry about living with epilepsy. It’s not a downer, just realistic. I find putting words down in poetic form healing. Hope to see you.

  32. I’m kind of fictional too. It’s sort of like Self-Help. Sort of. Not really.

  33. Just a Brench (British and French) guy who writes a lot of poetry, each piece is a look into an event of my life and emotions. New works everyday and I love connecting with people on here. So give me a email 🙂 thanks! xx- KH

  34. My site is, where I’m working on developing my writing, specifically my fiction. I post about the different elements, techniques, and strategies that have worked for me and what I’ve learned along the way. Give it a visit soon!

  35. You can find me here struggling to navigatethe labyrinth that is creating and publishing fiction.

  36. My collection of poetry, haiku and writing prompts:

  37. – Fantasy writer’s online resource/community

  38. A Blog celebrating the writer Enid Blyton with exciting articles and pictures.

  39. Hi from Down Under (Australia). This is a great idea. I write children’s poetry and haiku, as well as short stories and ramblings. My blog is a mixture of poems, resources and tips, musings, author/poet interviews, etc. Blog name:Helen Ross writes

  40. Hello! Truly elated meeting you all! I write on inspiration and do warmly invite you to have a look! Pls feel free to share, recommend, like fb page and follow including on twitter. Looking forward to great times ahead exploring your worlds! Cheers!

    The Blazing Trail (Enlightening – Spurring – Strengthening)

  41. My blog focuses on photography and a story to go with it. You can participate. Join me!

  42. Missing Zero is a satirical novel about the final redemption of the Antichrist. Find the associated Blog for all matters related to the writing, publishing and promotion of Missing Zero by following the link below:

  43. I post about darn near everything, there is a decent amount of poetry though. Whether or not it is good…. I leave up to you. 😉

  44. Hey everyone! Sahm here from The Arkside of Thought – Like Pap above, I post about pretty much anything. I think I mostly post poetry, though. You’re bound to see some rants here and there, my random philosophy, photography, what have you. My interests are varied and many. Welcome to the Arkside in advance!

  45. Diverging thoughts on books, writing, art and general what-have-you, considerately ordered. I post every couple of days, always respond to comments and am an all round good blogger.

    My blog is not a specific, but I do post some verses on there.

    A collection of flash fiction, flash nonfiction, and writing quotes, tips, and prompts. I’d love to hear your input there!

  48. Missing the Muse: A writer’s blog about everything except writing.

  49. Echoes and Reflections: love with all of its shades. You’re more than welcome to join me on my journey at: Tags: f/f, lesbian, sensual love poetry, longing….

  50. Charron’s Chatter is a mish-mash of poetry and fender-sized philosophies, idioms and riddles in poetic form, limericks, op-eds, short fictions and widgets! Come giggle!

  51. So glad to have come across your blog. I write stories, poems, and a little of everything.

  52. Wonderful idea, it’s like holding hands in the blogosphere! 🙂

  53. Great idea! I write flash fiction, poetry occasionally and microfiction (55-fiction) too sometimes.

  54. – restoring canonical verse to a modern world.

  55. Writing fiction bits, reflections, poetry on occasion, a little bit of everything, all from the heart.

  56. flash fiction and counterculture and speculative, thanks….

  57. K IS SILENT – non-fiction and spoken word, thanks …

  58. – My Poetry Blog to inspire people about poetry and share my work:)

  59. A blog for writing inspiration, links to sites about writing.

  60. Find magic at where I publish fairy tales, art and photography celebrating nature and magic. Peace and Joy, Brenda

  61. I am inspired by nature. I write poetry about the English countryside.

  62. I write an opinionated blog about all things Gilded Age (and some things not). I also write novels about opinionated Victorians. Do come by.

  63. This is such a wonderful idea! My blog has poetry and prose. I write about hope, overcoming addictions, and poetry helped me begin my journey of recovery.

  64. Very useful. Collects so many blog titles under one roof. I write poetry and fiction, along with inspirational/motivation, leadership, travel and leisure.

  65. Leonas Lines Poetry Plus

    Original Poetry and Photography


    My blog is about short fictional stories, either comics, slice-of-life or fairytales. Thank you in advance for adding it! (/◕‿◕)/*・゜゚・*☆

  67. This is my blog of short stories/flash fiction. All about life. May or may not have a happy ending 🙂

  68. Pendragon’s Poetry – Songs from the heart of life

    Writing & Poetry to touch the Human heart and soul or as the Little Prince said “Matters of consequence”

  69. An imaginary town in the reality of South Africa’s present…and past. You’ll find the people uncannily familiar.

  70. To all who would dispute the name
    Those errant souls who think to claim
    The heritage of majesty
    The light illumined mystery
    Take care dear ones for what you claim
    Bears more the sounds that make a name
    And you like I may find it true
    That what illumines claims its due
    The wisest ones fear this, do you?

    Pendragon’s poetry – songs from the heart of life. On WordPress. Com

  71. Welcome and join me in my journey into retirement, as I silver thread my way to look back, look forward, look around, and look within by sharing my writing, poetry, and photography. ❤

  72. What a great idea. Thank you for a fabulous place to find all the blogs I love! Find me at

  73. – My blog is an attempt at write good contemporary poetry.

  74. is a blog about books and writing! Calls for submission twice a year.

  75. confessions of a broccoli addict Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, writing, and thoughts

  76. Book reviews and random thoughts about books and reading, hopefully with a bit of humor.

  77. Please come and visit The Pen And The Page at
    where you can browse and (hopefully) enjoy my poetry.

    Look forward to seeing you.

    Keep Smiling 😊


  78. Fantasy! Stupidity! #MadnesSolver Steampunky! Dun~dunnn~dunnnnn~~ *imagine epic music playing in background*

  79. Hi! I’m an Indian who’s a U.S. citizen. Passionate reader, guitarist, sitarist, poet, short story writer, and thinker. (Former public school teacher, but that life is behind me now!)
    Please visit my blog and let me know what you think:
    Dreamer of Dreams

  80. Hi! I have a poetry and short story blog and welcome visitors! Thanks for this opportunity!

  81. EnglishLitGeek

    Hi! I have a poetry and book blog and welcome visitors! Thanks for creating this directory.

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