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  1. I have a philosophy blog- Utopia or Dystopia- that looks at the history of utopia and dystopia and their relevance today.

    It’s probably as pretentious as it sounds, and nothing like Dotty’s blog with her Cumberland sausages and all that- Dotty is the funniest blogger I have ever come across- EVER. I, on the other hand, am not so funny.

    My blog is nothing like that, but if you like philosophy, science-fiction, utopian literature, the history of religion, and current politics especially where it intersects with science and technology then you might find something you like there.

    I would love it if you stopped by,

    Rick Searle

  2. This section is most wanting I see! The philosophy behind my reasons for the particular explorations I undertake runs through my blog most fervently…..though I would definitely hasten to call myself a philospher!

  3. is a blog pointing to the sacred space of ‘Now’

  4. is a blog created by a Philosophy PhD student at the University of Calgary. I’m interested in discussions with other philosophers as well as anyone (of any discipline) interested in getting to a deeper understanding of how we live, what we are, who we are, and how we should act. I cover topics ranging from animal ethics to free will and everything in between. I aim to foster an open forum for positive discussion on all the topics discussed. I look forward to some fruitful dialogue.


  5. The Wondrous Dharma – Wisdom from the great spiritual traditions, and also from inspiring individuals.


    Simply stated, to reach out to others and be positive, to celebrate each others’ uniqueness and emphasize the Good in the world. Do that one person, one thought, one interaction at a time by providing creative writing services and resources to others.

    I see a world where people realize a life that is in harmony with their core values, priorities and intentions. Further, where people grow and resume the practice of helping others in need, without fear and without seeking something in return. People living a commitment toward brotherhood and goodwill and striving to leave the world a better place than we found it A common vision, shared by others and supported in times of need. It is important to connect with and follow the spiritual compass each of us was born with and willingly take action toward patriotism and preserving those values that are shared by a majority of Americans living in our great nation.

    It is important that actions be directed and guided by specific core values. Honesty, integrity, respect and humility; doing the ‘right’ thing even when there is no witness. Focusing on the ‘Greater Good‘ and on personal accountability. All packaged with a sense of affability and humor.

  7. I aim to ramble about the discoveries I have found and continue to find while reading about ancient civilizations, metaphysics, religion, physics, electricity, spirituality and beyond. No topic is too odd for me to consider 🙂

  8. Anything to do with philosophy and for the thinking mind

  9. If Philosophy is the ‘Love of wisdom/ then I would love to be included in that group! Perhaps you may find some love and some wisdom in my Blog…I would be grateful if you let me know if you did 🙂

  10. Hello, I have been writing my blog for several years and never tried to put it into a category before. Mostly it is just stuff I think about, but I think philosophy is the closest description I see on here.
    Always love new readers because I always find and read those who read my stuff, because they must be pretty patient and kind to make it through one of my thought articles.
    Grateful for the chance to have your read this.

  11. I get my hands on a book, open it a randoMpaGe and I interpret paragraphs.
    Amazingly interesting books opened and viewed from the lens of a young curious inquisitive philosopher.

  12. Well, I finally decided on this category, as apposed to art, poetry, etc… because it is the underlying message of my blog, my philosophy of living in the now and treading lightly. peace, Abby

  13. Life is absurd and so is my blog. I blog about issues that explicitly, and often implicitly, touch on philosophical issues.

  14. •-||-• a Forum & Archives •-||-•

    The Transpersonality of SPIRITUALITY as expressed in: Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Mysticism, Education, Spiritual disciplines, and Consciousness.

    • HUGE and growing Enneagram archive
    • BIOs, galleries and thought from foremost Transpersonal pioneers
    • the Writing, video and audio of Dr. Claudio Naranjo
    • resources on Yoga, Chakras and Kundalini phenomena
    • academic resources on Mystical and religious experience and psychosis
    • The Ignatian Examen and Zen Christianity
    • hot topics in the philosphere like Neurotheology & Panpsychism

  15. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with other philosophers on life’s great journey and add my blog to this list of incredible fellow travellers.

    My blog is about embracing ourselves within life and honouring the life we have by doing so. I really enjoy communing with others in conversation, inspiration and life’s little intricacies. I hope you enjoy my posts and I look forward to reading the many others in this list.

    I look forward to connecting with others and sharing your laughter, your love, your thoughts, your opinions, philosophies and your diversity.


    A blog where you are welcomed into a community of bloggers/people who want to be inspired, be healthy, be happy and connect with others! A little bit of motivation, a touch of inspiration and a place where you can just enjoy yourself and celebrate YOU! ♥

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