Art / Photography

 Art / Photography


There are some fantastic art and

photography blogs around.

And some free llamas to colour in.


Add your link to the list below.



  1. Through The Looking Glass… books, film, art, events & more at Lily Wight ~ The Arcade of Arts & Arcana. xxx

  2. I like it Dotty! I’m not sure what my blog is, but hey I have some photos and drawing and stuff right?

  3. A blog full of art, done by me!

  4. dear Dotty…
    this is as close to front of comments I’ve EVAH got on any of your posts.
    I be excited!!!
    so I choose this to be my first category, so everyone can check out my artsy FractalFriday Feature…
    love, LOVE your idea for this “catalog blog”!!


  5. Well here is my art blog: Have a look!


    My Etsy shop is

    I’ve started a blog to explore the ‘creative process’ that we go through, from IDEA to finished WORK (I’d rather use that term than PRODUCT). And, what motivates different artists to do this ART thing anyway. Whether it’s mostly $$$$$$’s, to save the environment, to meet cool people, because we couldn’t think of anything else to do, whatever.

    I’m also interested in artists’ workspaces. I’d like photos, whether it’s the kitchen table, the garage (like mine), or a deluxe ‘studio’. Photos and comments about a work in progress. I’ll include any links you send to completed work, or Etsy shops or other websites. I don’t intend this to be a blog to list items to sell, but will link to them.

    If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this now, I’d still appreciate ‘followers’ and being connected to other artists you know who might be interested. Of course, any replies on the blog are welcome also.

    If you send me an email (, I will post it on the blog, and include any photos as well.

    thanks, Mike

  7. Here’s my link:

  8. There is art in the everyday. It’s easy to walk through the world and not see. Time moves on. Things change. I’m taking the time to look & stop & capture moments & colours of ordinary things & day-to-day life in snapshots.

  9. Hi! Dorothy here with my other, more, temperate blog called ‘Out of the Lens Photography’. It’s named after my make believe business in which I attempt to sell my photography in the form of prints and cards. The blog mainly talks about places I’ve been and what lenses I use and the stares I get by people who wonder what IS that person trying to do. Anywho, this is the address if you care to see:

  10. Love this idea. My blog is varied, but about once a week it is a photography post: Hope you’ll visit! Looking forward to checking out others! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I make art everyday. Then, everyday, I blog about it.

  12. This is my home base for posting about my antics in art and other related elements…. it’s all related 🙂

  13. ps thank u Dotty !!!!

  14. Come visit me at I love photography and art. Recently, I received a great new camera and have been practicing some photography skills. Take a look and let me know what you think. All comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome. 😀

  15. I thought I made up the word Quotography to describe my blog but come to find out the word is all over the internet. Oh well! My photos, other peoples’ words.

  16. I have a photo blog called Rainey’s View. It’s just a place for me to express myself with a camera. I hope you will stop by and give me some feedback on my art!

  17. Hi fellow bloggers!
    Adding my photo blog here:

    : )

  18. A fashion, art and photography student, I showcase my own photography, artwork on my blog as well as food experiences, exhibition reviews and travel diaries!

    Follow my blog here;

  19. patriciaddrury

    Hi Bloggies!
    Just found this link and thanks for doing this Dotty… I love to take photos, edit and share with some quirks, thoughts and love of life…

  20. I’m an artist and occasional photographer, living in Wales, and I write about life and humour. I also ask questions in my posts as I like the interaction between myself and my commenters.

  21. I am a photographer and just love sharing my photo’s with everybody. I am trying my hand at telling stories also but I never was a good essay writer at school…

  22. I love to draw and have a deep passion for it! I hope my blog will inspire other people to draw! Thanks!

  23. Photography coupled with (mostly) humorous quotes. When that doesn’t work I post fiction. Sometimes fact.

  24. This blog is a super idea. Here is my blog that combines photography and writing:

  25. Humor, nostalgia, photos – The adventures of a shutterbug –


  27. I have five limbs, 2 legs, 2 arms, and a camera. Lucky me.

  28. Ta Dotty. Painting and stuff ( mostly portraits ) Not half as much fun as Dotty’s blog

  29. Thank you, Dotty. Would be happy to add my mixed media (with an emphasis on photography) blog to the list.

  30. Hi Dotty, I’m British, a writer, art enthusiast and I live in Paris, France. Here’s my blog
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Thanks for your site. I could spend hours on it.

  31. I’m Dan, a Las Vegas based photographer doing what I love.


    Let your words be few, and your exposures many.

    Expressing thought through photography. Thanks Dottie!

  34. I love to share personal stories and random thoughts, but have just recently starting sharing my amateur photos as well.

  35. I’m from Essex and I blog about art, autism, mental health, play, craft, humerous verse, comedy, photography – and anything else creative – quite a lot really… come and follow me please…


    A journal of sorts of my adventures practicing photography as a sacred art – camera work as contemplative aid. Images and words.

    thanks for looking.

  37. My blog is full of my photographs which I’m happy to share with anyone. I’m not really bothered about copyright when it comes to sharing my photographs. Please come and help yourself to any you might find inspiring. Inspiration is always good. 🙂

  38. I am a fiber art and that is mainly what I blog about. But anything creative is interesting to me, ie photography, other artists, lots of things I find a connection with. Hope you might too.

  39. I’m a pro photographer. My blog shows personal work –

  40. HI Dotty, just found your fabulous listings. Such a great way to find like-minded and interesting people. I blog about my sketches and paintings, the places I draw, and the people I meet along the way.

  41. Check out my blog for some CRAZY travel stories, posts on beauty and photographs taken by me… mostly fashion at this point for my online shop. 🙂 See you soon at the blog! Thanks 🙂 x

  42. Feel free to visit my personal photography portfolio…any feedback highly appreciated…

  43. Hi! I’m Karen, and I write about my travels around Asia. I like taking photos along the way, and you can see theme in my blog.

    Please visit my blog at

    Thank you! 🙂

  44. Come visit and you can see what I see….

  45. My blog focuses on photography and a story to go with it. You can participate. Join me!

  46. love classic film cameras…you like taking real photographs…anything else is just, well…nothing; you love loading your camera with real film, composing your shots…handling real prints…is this you? then you need to meet me at

  47. another random photo blog/beauty blog with the occasional political rant. 😉

  48. I am in the process of doing a “52 Week Photo Blog”, each week there is a different theme. Here is the link

  49. Color Odyssey –

  50. Photography. Art, Canvas, Coffee, words, Rangbhoomi-My Art, Passion, Capturing Moments

  51. A blog about art, writing, sailing in the Northwest with an esoteric bent.

  52. A bit of photography – macro mostly – intermingled with introspective writing.

  53. Lots of great craft ideas for children and aspiring crafters! Check out our tutorials and full-color photographs; updates every Wednesday and Friday!

  54. My blog has become a blog of photos, but it is also about me, my family, our cocker spaniel Wilson, our holidays, where we live, flowers, animals, birds…… (and when I’m feeling sorry for myself my dyslexia, fibromyalgia, ME, sinusitis & addiction) I do my best not to let these nasty things creep into my blog too often!!

  55. Congratulations on your BIG Blog Collection idea! Do visit mine at It is all about my creative expressions – on paper, ceramics, glass, fabric and more. Some have become sculptural neck art while others have taken the form of fashion accessories and home decor items ….. Thank you and look forward to many visits from like-minded bloggers out there! VAL

  56. – Our number one goal is to make you rest. If that also means curing your boredom or spurring your imagination, then so be it. 🙂

  57. I’ve been finding hints of spirituality in pop culture for 35+ years, so I’ve recently started sharing those bits in a blog. and I also gab about my abstract art & stereoscopic photography. usually within the context of a lifelong wandering and pondering about Christianity.


  58. You’re all welcome to visit the Wildersoul Colouring Book and add a little colour, or a lot… It’s a free online colouring book, with a bit of variety. Mandalas, geometric, blank frames, realistic and abstract art. A bit of digital art / fine art thrown in.

  59. I am not a photographer, but wished I was. I try hard… does that count? I follow a lot of photo challenges and post on one each week.
    Looking forward to you stopping by.

  60. Photography | Nature – Capture Every Valuable Moment – This blog is based around nature and various landscapes, plants, insects and animals:

    On January 1st 2014, the Photography | Nature name is being changed to “Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button, feel free to drop by my blog anytime :-)!!!

    -Photography | Nature

  61. this is a really cool concept. I am a photographer who shoots a little bit of everything but mostly nature Hope you can drop by!

  62. Currently, I am studying GCSE Art and obsessed with photography. My blog ‘travelling beyond sea’s’ is full of my collection of photography. Follow for a follow back.

  63. Find magic at where I publish fairy tales, art and photography celebrating nature and magic. Peace and Joy, Brenda

  64. I inspire, I encourage, I lift up, I speak Words of Wisdom and Truth, and share with you my passion for photography as well. I put photos to the words I “hear” and “live by” so that the complete message, is all tied together.
    With Love, Amy Rose

  65. I post photographs and write about weather; our dogs; cooking and baking; gardening; aircraft; my lovely wife; gratitude for the blessings in my life; looking for and appreciating the beautiful and the everyday. I invite you to visit

  66. James Fox Robinson

    ‘curating creativity’ – a blog that aims to inspire and encourage you in your creative endeavours. LOTS OF PICTURES NOT MUCH WRITING!

  67. Miniature photography and book cover illustration/design here on my site 🙂

  68. Hi !
    i blog random things including beauty, photography, travel , personal , writing and general 🙂
    this idea is great! Happy blogging! Godbless !– Laika

  69. Commercial Printing and Design Inspiration:

  70. I blog about my love of nature by taking photographs of whatever inspires me when I’m out walking in the English countryside with my dogs.

  71. I love photography and what you can do with photo’s.

  72. A blog about working with the moon with an art journal, just starting!

  73. Celia Rhodes The View From My Window–you’ll find photos of lovely flowers, cats doing crazy things, birds, old barns and other nostalgic scenes, alone or accompanied by a shot story or explanation. Stop by and enjoy the scenery!

  74. I really like this idea! My blog is about crafting with duct tape and Washi tape.

  75. Hi! You can find me and my photography at I post photos with and without digital manipulation, and usually a few words of description. At the moment, I’m playing with abstract images but I also do old barns, cats, horses, and anything else that catches my eye. I look forward to seeing you!

  76. Trying to get the button on my page but it doesn’t seem to be working…..any hints?

  77. i am not being able to add button with link please tell me which widget should i use i am new here

  78. I am new blogger who needs more publicity. I post my travel and thoughts!

  79. don’t let the name of my blog deceive you 😀 there is plenty of photographs there 😀

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