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  1. Hello. I´m a British expat living in southern Spain. I have two journals: Tales of my travels around the world. Everyday life – east of Malaga.

    Please come along and say hello 🙂

  2. ““Lost and running” became the theme song for my and the Gorgeous One’s (G.O.) escapes from city life when it played on the radio of the mighty red Daihatsu Terios rental car as we hurtled along a red bulldust road on the coast near Broome, Western Australia.
    Sometimes it’s better to not have a plan.” We have the great Australian dream of travelling around the country. In the meantime I blog….

  3. I am an explorer; so I guess my blog can sit in here quite nicely!

  4. Gregor is a teeth-full blowfish, easy to carry traveler, and hard to handle friend. Together with his friend Spidey, a German born elderly adventurer, but in fact a wiry spandexed (not sure if it’s a word) arachnophile, they are wallfishing around the world, discovering what everyone knows already… but maybe with a slightly different perspective. Brm brm… tu tu…

  5. trying to travel and dance for a cause… will see how that works

  6. I share anything that takes my fancy, ususally Spain related – come for coffee or beer and tapas?

  7. Algarve Blog – about our move to live on the Algarve in Portugal
    happy reading everyone

  8. I have a travel blog that covers a lot of different stuff:

  9. I’m surprised there’s not more listings in the travel category.

  10. Ciao

    I’m a Canadian expat living in Sardinia, Italy. I write about culture, traditions and expat life in Italy.


  11. Hey guys, I’ve just started up an independent travel blog, Please give it a like and a whirl, and any feedback is really appreciated!
    Also on facebook at

  12. Travelling nut with a hamster and a political sidekick call Sweetums

  13. TurtlesTravel blog serves as a supplement to (sometimes replacement for) an ever-faulty memory. It is also a place to write and reflect on newly-discovered places, people and ideas. We hope it will become a place for like-minded people to meet, explore and be inspired.

  14. Yup I do a lil bit of travel lol…I even write for a travel magazine but that’s for another discussion lol! http//

  15. Hi! I’m Karen, and I write about my travels around Asia.

    Please visit my blog at

    Happy travels! 🙂

  16. American psychic living and traveling in Brasil.

  17. Hi. Please visit my little personal photoblog: Thank you 🙂 Ray

  18. travel anywhere – photos, writing, recommendations.

  19. My blog offers holiday suggestions for those that enjoy unspoilt nature, historical villages and great hotels in Portugal 🙂

  20. I hope to inspire the timid to give solo travel a go.

  21. Well isn’t this cool!? I am not always rewarded so well for doing what I am told not to. Yah!
    Here is my little travel blog where I pretty much write what I want – mostly travel related to being a single solo older woman traveller. Come by and say “Yo”.


    My blog has become a blog of photos, but it is also about me, my family, our cocker spaniel Wilson, our holidays, where we live, flowers, animals, birds…… (and when I’m feeling sorry for myself my dyslexia, fibromyalgia, ME, sinusitis & addiction) I do my best not to let these nasty things creep into my blog too often!!

    We try and take time off whenever we can and travel often in the UK and abroad…. Lots if posts waiting to be written and lots of photos waiting to be posted…. But I will get there eventually!

  23. A British expat working for a Middle Eastern Airline, living in Dubai. Recently started writing about my adventures around the world, work and pleasure. Please check out my new blog, and feel free to leave feedback or comment.

    Bold Conversations is an inspirational (non-religious) blog on topics of spirituality, personal development and travel as a transformational journey. The writing is thought-provoking, reflective, poetic, practical with a dose of photography and vicarious journeys mostly through South America. Who am I? Life Scribe. Personal Sage. Human Catalyst. World Explorer.
    Please visit and if you are seeking to develop your essential nature through reflection and travel, subscribe for support and inspiration. Blessings.


    Follow the adventures that my partner and I had over four months in Goa, India.

    Thank you!

  26. I dig travel. A lot.

    I’m probably more droll than funny, but I like to think my blog will amuse those who venture to it: wherein I blather on about travel, cats, history, writing, fiction, and various and sundry other things. Come join me!

  27. How very cool… I found this from a blog who gave me a ping back today 🙂
    We are somewhat of a travel blog… we are expats living and working in China so much of the content is from what we see and do in Shanghai, back home as we travel there in the summer. A few times a year we travel somewhere in Asia so we always post on that too. Looking forward to a visit.

  28. Have a dose of what life is really like living here – from Turkish in 1000 easy lessons to learning the secrets to making the perfect kebab! Highs or lows this is our random observations from the melting pot of crazy that is my life in Mersin.

  29. Short and humorous vignettes about my travels around the world, with lots of photos.

  30. Nice list, for travel and photography I have the following blog:

  31. I love to travel! btw, I am a new blogger.. please check my blog! it would be meaningful 🙂

  32. IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! check out my Bohol experience in this blog>>

  33. Hi there, find my travel experiences in amazing places of India like Kerala Madurai Rameswaram and also SanFransisco at

  34. I am new blogger who needs more publicity. I post my travel and thoughts!

  35. My current travel blog is specific to the Abruzzo region of Italy and can be found here:

    My other blog is more general and includes non-Abruzzo travels. It’s called

    Ciao for now. Mary Louise

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