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All I’m going to say about this blog is I LOVE IT.

If you visit, make sure you have some time to spend there because once you start looking through you won’t want to stop.

Hope you like it too!


About Dotty Headbanger

I'm British. I love you. I'm nice like that.

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  1. Yup, I love it too, and will be going back often to see more. This time, I got as far as “Photo Constructs” by Scott Hazard and had to check out more of his stuff. It reminds me of the last time I took window pane, before the bad stuff took over;-)

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  2. I will try to check it out once I get home, but we are redoing the wallpaper in two rooms, and I am going to be busy.

  3. You are not wrong! I loved all the latest posts, definitely something to keep an eye on

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