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Big Blog Stats – 3


Week 3, Monday, 8.05 am.

This has been the most miserable stats week. Dismal. If you’re prone to depression don’t read it.

To start with, I thought we’d be celebrating 100 followers today, I was going to throw a Big Blog party with cakes and balloons and shite, but no, the number stayed at 99 for days – and then this morning I came on and it had DROPPED to 98. Somebody, I don’t know who, has left their links, waited for a while then done a bunk. Nice. 

And in the comments section someone, a stranger, has left A LOAD OF LINKS FOR A LOAD OF CATEGORIES and not even bothered clicking Follow or saying hello. Sorry, I don’t like bad manners – give and take, dearies, give and take.

Right, let’s get on with it.


Followers – 98

Total Views – 2,494

Views on Best Day – 502

Views on Worst Day – 9 (yes, that’s NINE – the next is 11, the next is 17, and then we’re in the twenties).

Blog link with the most clicks – bipolardisordersucks (Dorothy’s blog) is now the All Time Most Clicked.

And the All Time Top Posts And Pages –

Title Views
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * More stats 839
Humour / Satire More stats 167
Mental Health More stats 148
British More stats 143
About More stats 99
Writing More stats 80
Art / Photography More stats 79
Journal / Diary More stats 77
Fiction / Poetry More stats 69
What Is Dotty’s Choice? More stats 67
Thoughts / Reflections More stats 65
Spirituality More stats 60
General More stats 59
How To Put A Picture/Button On Your Blog (How To Use The Image Widget) More stats 51
Home page / Archives More stats 49
Suggestions More stats 47
Big Blog Stats – 1 More stats 46
Family More stats 44
Big Blog Stats – 2 More stats 37
Dotty’s Choice – Art / Photography More stats 34
Memoirs More stats 34
Travel More stats 32
Cookery / Recipes More stats 31
Beauty / Fashion More stats 30
Topical / Political More stats 28
Physical Health / Illness More stats 27
Film / TV / Music More stats 24
Philosophy More stats 14
Hobbies More stats 11
button More stats 2
Hello world! More stats 1

We’ve had one Search Term – ‘how to add a button to wordpress blog’

Top Commenter – pmao.



I’m going to have to get my thinking cap on.

Have a good week. 🙂


Big Blog Stats – 2


Week 2, Monday, 9.07 am, and it’s Stats-flashing time again.


Followers – 91

Total Views – 2,144

Views on Best Day – 502

Views on Worst Day – 47

Blog link with the most clicks – pouringmyartout (pmao’s blog), and bipolardisordersucks (Dorothy’s blog) have the same amount of clicks.


I’ve copied the top posts and pages again – I’ll stick with the All Time view so you can see how well (or not) your categories are doing in comparison to the week before if you want to.

Title Views
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * More stats 718
Humour / Satire More stats 155
British More stats 137
Mental Health More stats 116
About More stats 86
Writing More stats 71
Journal / Diary More stats 71
Art / Photography More stats 70
Fiction / Poetry More stats 64
What Is Dotty’s Choice? More stats 64
General More stats 56
Thoughts / Reflections More stats 48
Spirituality More stats 46
Suggestions More stats 45
Home page / Archives More stats 45
Big Blog Stats – 1 More stats 44
Family More stats 41
How To Put A Picture/Button On Your Blog (How To Use The Image Widget) More stats 35
Travel More stats 30
Dotty’s Choice – Art / Photography More stats 28
Memoirs More stats 28
Beauty / Fashion More stats 27
Topical / Political More stats 27
Cookery / Recipes More stats 23
Physical Health / Illness More stats 23
Film / TV / Music More stats 21
Philosophy More stats 12
Hobbies More stats 10
button More stats 2
Hello world! More stats


We haven’t had ANY views from Search Engine Terms.

Top Commenter (apart from ME) is pmao with 8, closely followed by Misfit, paralaxvu and buckwheatsrisk with 6 each (as it stands now – I haven’t done the comments for today yet).


I think that’s it. Anything else you’d like to know?



How To Put A Picture/Button On Your Blog (How To Use The Image Widget)


A few people have asked how to put The Big Blog Collection button on the side bar of their blog so here’s how –


1) First, right click on the picture/button and save it to your computer.

2) On your Dashboard, click Media – Add New, then upload the picture from your computer to your Media Library. When it has uploaded, click Edit then go to File URL and highlight the address, right click and copy it.

3) Next, go to Appearance – Widgets. Under ‘Available Widgets’, scroll down until you see one entitled ‘Image’. Left click on it, keep the left click held down and drag it across to the primary widget area on the right.

4) In the Image widget box, click on the text bar for Image URL then right click and paste the link you copied from your Media Library.

5) At the bottom of the Image widget box, where it says ‘Link URL (when the image is clicked)’, add the address of the blog you wish to link to so if you’re doing the Big Blog button you’d link it back to here, if you’re doing a picture for your own blog you might want to link it to one of your pages.

6) If you don’t want any text with the picture click Save.

7) If you do want text give the widget a title, put a caption if you want one, then click Save.

8) Have a look at it by clicking on your Homepage.

9) If the picture/button isn’t the right size for your blog, go back to the Image widget and adjust the numbers in the Width and Height boxes – increase or decrease them gradually to get it to look the way you want it to.

10) If you want to move the picture/button up or down on your blog, go back to Widgets, pick it up and move it up or down inside the primary widget area box.


Some blog themes have extra areas to display widgets as I discovered when I made this blog – my other blog only has one sidebar. Play around with the widgets and the widget areas on your blog – you won’t do any damage to your layout, if you don’t like a widget just drag it off and discard it.

I hope this helps. It might look a bit complicated but once you’ve done it once or twice it’s easy (if I can do it, anyone can).




Dotty’s Choice – Art / Photography



All I’m going to say about this blog is I LOVE IT.

If you visit, make sure you have some time to spend there because once you start looking through you won’t want to stop.

Hope you like it too!


Big Blog Stats – 1


Everyone loves obsessing over their own Stats, don’t they? How many views, how many new followers, which posts people are reading? But what about the Stats on OTHER BLOGS? Do you ever wonder about them? We never get to know what’s happening elsewhere until someone hits a new milestone and posts about it.

Do you want to have a regular look at the Stats for THIS blog, no matter how good or bad they are? Of course you do. I know I’m running the blog but I made it for us ALL, so it’s only fair you get to see what’s happening too, especially those of you who are participating in the promotion of it by putting the button on your blog or the other stuff you’ve been doing (THANK YOU!). The more new people we get coming here, the more likely we are to get new readers for our own blogs – and that IS the whole point of blogging, isn’t it, to have people read what you write?



Okay, so it’s 11.25am on Monday and the blog has been up since Friday night and these are the Stats as they stand at the moment. If I’ve missed anything out that you’d like to know, tell me.


Followers – 64

Total Views – 1,391

Views on Best Day – 502

Blog link with the most clicks – pouringmyartout (find the blog in Humour/Satire & I can’t remember where else he put it)

Top Posts & Pages (I’ve copied and pasted this so you can see how popular the categories are).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * More stats 461
British More stats 105
Humour / Satire More stats 104
About More stats 78
Mental Health More stats 75
Art / Photography More stats 62
Fiction / Poetry More stats 52
Writing More stats 49
What Is Dotty’s Choice? More stats 45
Suggestions More stats 38
General More stats 37
Journal / Diary More stats 34
Home page / Archives More stats 34
Thoughts / Reflections More stats 27
Spirituality More stats 26
Family More stats 25
Topical / Political More stats 23
Travel More stats 22
Beauty / Fashion More stats 22
Cookery / Recipes More stats 18
Film / TV / Music More stats 17
Physical Health / Illness More stats 17
Memoirs More stats 10
Hobbies More stats 5
Philosophy More stats 4
button More stats 2
Hello world! More stats 1